Control safe and healthy access to your property for a more secure community

Cobalt Access is a WiFi-enabled facial recognition and temperature-checking device that provides a high-tech, user-friendly, and streamlined experience for safety checks at your property. Provide the safest experience for members, guests and staff with contactless and social-distance-friendly technology for temperature and employee time in and out.

Improve Safety

Unlike handheld forehead thermometers, Cobalt Access tablets are displayed on a stand, so guests measure their own temperatures and staff can stand at a safe distance.

The device will provide an alert if the guest’s temperature is above a predefined threshold, so staff can direct them accordingly.

Manage Risk

By checking guest temperature, you ensure that guests and employees with fevers can be notified to return home until they recover, potentially preventing communicable spread of illnesses among your community.

Facial recognition tracks all employees’ entry along with their temperatures, improving the safety and security of your workforce.

Thermal Facial Scanners
Cobalt Core Time-Tracking Utility

Protect Your Investment

Cobalt Access is priced competitively compared to similar devices on the market.

Maximize ROI by using devices not only as thermometers, but also as timeclocks to track employee time in and time out, with integration with the Cobalt Core Time-Tracking Utility.

Cobalt Access Features

Temperature-checking and facial recognition for ensuring the safest guest experience possible
Instantly and accurately reads temperature of both members and employees via contactless forehead scan
Recognizes pre-programmed faces, even while wearing masks
Keeps a record of recognized face scans to be used for auditing, access records or even employee time in/time out

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