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Building a Better Club Experience.

About Us

Cobalt Software is built and supported by a team of software professionals with nearly 3 decades of experience building enterprise class solutions for the country’s most demanding clientele.

Our US-based support team combined with our in-house team of global experts provide support to our clients 24/7. We have been working with private clubs since 2014 and maintain a team of subject matter experts with experience in country club and hospitality operations. We are dedicated to supporting our clients with powerful technology to strengthen their communities.

Why Cobalt?

Our name was inspired by the uniqueness of the metal cobalt, an element in the periodic table. Cobalt is an important component in lithium batteries, which are used in cell phones and electric vehicles. As such, cobalt literally helps to power the technology of our collective future. Cobalt Software was a perfect fit for our company’s mission of powering communities with technology that supports members, both today and into the future.


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