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Deliver a High-Touch Club Membership Experience

Your Club Member App is more important today than ever before. You need an engaging App and Club Member Portal to keep members informed and involved, even when they are not on club property. The Cobalt Engage Suite offers a luxurious designed fully responsive Club Website that showcases the lifestyle of your club to attract new members, a full-featured Club Member Portal and Club Member App that’s intuitive and will keep your members engaged, Club Marketing & Communications Module to allow you to manage email campaigns and seamlessly update all Club content that flows to the Website, Portal and App.


Cobalt Software has been honored with the Excellence in Achievement Award for Best Mobile App in Club Management by BoardRoom Magazine. This recognition reflects our commitment to delivering the most intuitive and enjoyable member experience for club members. We take great pride in being acknowledged for our achievements and remain dedicated to providing technology for the next generations.

Membership App for Private and Country Clubs
Club Member Directory Software

Give Members Flexibility with a Member Portal

When it comes to your club's digital amenities, having an intuitive member portal that offers all the functionalities available on the member app is essential. The member portal provided by Cobalt grants members the flexibility to interact with the club across multiple devices. Cobalt's member portal not only boasts award-winning functionality but can also be customized to match the unique look and feel of your club.

Marketing and Communications

Engage with Your Members Through Marketing and Communications

Cobalt's marketing module enhances your club's communication strategy with valuable insights from Email Marketing Analytics. Target specific members with Dynamic Email Groups based on interests and membership type. Share news and videos directly, while seamlessly updating content on the Club Website, Member Portal, and Member App in one click! Trigger push notifications for registered events, interests, and geo-fenced areas, boosting member engagement and personalization.

Beacon-Enabled Marketing & Contactless POS System

  • Contactless Technology for Country Clubs
  • Social-Distancing Member Check-in*; Greet guests by name and check them in for reservations
  • Send app push notifications triggered by location for Valet requests, Promotions, etc.
  • Contactless Retail Checkout with Digital Signature*
Beacon-Enabled Marketing & Contactless POS
*Purchase of POS Module from the Cobalt Core Suite required.


In today's digital age, it is crucial to provide your members with the ability to conveniently pay their statements online. With Cobalt, you can offer your members the convenience of secure online payments through both the member app and member portal. Empower your members with the ease and security of online payment options provided by Cobalt.

Captivate New Members with an Irresistible Club Website

Your club's website plays a vital role in attracting new members and showcasing your club's image to the public, whether you're actively recruiting or managing a lengthy waitlist. We collaborate closely with your marketing team to create a website design that truly reflects the essence of your club.

AI Concierge

Our AI Concierge feature, available within the Cobalt Engage App, enhances personal member interactions by enabling direct and convenient communication. While the app provides the ability to complete these tasks with a few clicks, some members prefer a more personalized touch. If a member wishes to effortlessly book a reservation, order food, retrieve their golf bag, summon their car from valet, or more, they can simply engage with the Concierge chat in the member app. This intelligent chat functionality is driven by ChatGPT AI, emulating the efficiency of a human concierge by promptly responding in natural conversations. The AI Concierge seamlessly handles tasks like booking reservations, submitting alerts for golf bag retrieval or car retrieval from valet , and even placing food orders through the POS system. Explore the possibilities today and discover the diverse applications of the AI Concierge at your club!

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