We Build Technology to Power Community

As a private club, you are in the business of community. Cobalt is your partner, powering your club with the latest technology to meet your members needs, now and in the future.

Cobalt Engage

Deliver a digital experience so your members feel connected to your community, no matter where they are.

Cobalt Access

Control safe and healthy access to your property for a more secure community

We Build Technology to Power Community

As a private club, you’re in the business of community. Cobalt is your partner, powering your club with the latest technology to meet your members’ needs, now and in the future.

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Designed with You in Mind

We partnered with industry insiders to make Cobalt the comprehensive club management solution you would design and build yourself today.

Cobalt is user-friendly for both club employees and members. Cobalt’s modern mobile-native web technology makes club communications and marketing sleeker than ever before. Administrative departments benefit from having end-to-end integration across departments, including membership, finance, HR and payroll, all in one platform.

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The New, Comprehensive Solution for Club Management

Most existing club management solutions have grown over time by adding features to older technology, or by expanding functionality through acquisition.

This patchwork approach means that modules were not designed to work together, causing various problems with data interoperability, employee training, disjointed user interfaces, and complicated implementations, upgrades, and support.

The Cobalt solution is built on a single, modern technology stack so it provides native integration among all modules needed to run the club, bringing cohesively integrated data, a consistent look and feel for seamless employee training, and a mobile-native, web-based interface to streamline club operations now and into the future.

Cobalt allows clubs to run like clockwork, not by patchwork.

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Data is Power

Streamline operations day-one, gather insights for the future. Our web-based solution will help you better serve and grow your membership.

All-In-One, or Just the One

Implement a full-scale system renovation, or get only the modules that fit your immediate needs – we’re flexible.

Built Today, for Tomorrow

Upgrade your member experience to provide the mobile, customized, responsive experience the next generation has come to expect.

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Cobalt Core

i.      Fully-integrated management of your back of house operations

ii.      Easy to use systems for operations allow for quicker new employee onboarding, reduced data entry, and time savings for your staff, so they can spend more time providing excellent service to members. Unlock even more power with multiple modules implemented together so systems can interact and work together seamlessly.

iii.      Accounting

iv.      Membership

v.      Inventory Receiving

vi.      Retail POS

vii.      Human Resources

viii.      Payroll

ix.      Work Orders

x.      Club Analytics

Cobalt Gather

a.       Efficiently bring people together to enjoy all the services your club has to offer.

b.       Soon your members will be gathering together more often at your club. Does your technology allow streamlined management of member activities and reservations? Cobalt Gather products allow online booking combined with back of house management systems for a fully-integrated activity and event management system.

c.       Dining Reservations

           i.      Members may request reservations and add guests and preferences

           ii.      Reservation system is scalable to fit all operation sizes

           iii.      Member preferences are communicated seamlessly to operations managers

           iv.      Reservation analytics provide insight into bookings success rates

d.       Golf

           i.      Just keep everything that is there currently on the solution page.

e.       Tennis

           i.      Keep what is there currently

f.        Spa and Fitness

           i.      Keep what is there currently

g.       Event Registration and Management

           i.      Members may request reservations and add guests and preferences for activities

           ii.      Events registrations are linked to POS to ensure accurate billing and seamless event management

          iii.      Event updates are made instantaneously, allowing seating assignments and change of location notices via push notifications

           iv.      Members can manage events and registrations from their mobile device

           v.      Reservation and event analytics provide insight into bookings success rates

Member Website & Mobile App

i.      Make member cards a thing of the past with touchless member cards

ii.      Create and activate guest cards

iii.      Communicate and distribute marketing or club news directly to members based on their preferences

iv.      Allow members to view and track gift cards

v.      Give members the ability to manage their membership profile and make changes instantly

vi.      Offer mobile view of account charges and monthly statements

vii.      Display club hours and events so members can plan ahead or be alerted of changes

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