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Designed for Usability and Accessibility

Cobalt’s innovative design keeps usability as well as accessibility in mind, presenting large icons with visual cues on the home page for the quickest navigation possible and eliminating unnecessary clicks. Allows for ease of use for members of all generations.

Club defined sections, functionality and customized to clubs branding colors, fonts, images, etc.

Once clicking into any category, members will have a social media-like flow to view news, upcoming events, etc.

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High Usage and Member Satisfaction Levels

Cobalt Engage has been downloaded more than 6,000 times and is used to processing over half a million reservations every year. Members also frequently use the digital QR code member card on their phones and Apple watches to sign in for dining reservations and other check-ins throughout the club. Club leaders consistently hear glowing praise for the app, which is even more impressive considering that there are multiple generations using the same app concurrently.

Power in the Members’ Pocket to Make All Reservations

Every reservation that a club would offer is present in the Cobalt Engage App: dining, event registrations, tee times, golf lottery requests, golf lessons, tennis lessons, court reservations, even fitness and spa appointments, our app covers it all with robust functionality. When making reservations, members have many options, from registering children, making special requests, adding other members or guests to the reservation. All this functionality is presented in a clear and usable fashion that members love to use. Members can rest assured that they won't forget any of their important engagements or activities with app reservation reminder notifications.

Fully Integrated with Club Management System

Whereas some leading club mobile applications are standalone offerings without a club management system on the back end, Cobalt Engage is part of a fully integrated club management suite. Reservations flow through right to the back office, without requiring any integrations or manual entry into other systems.

integrated club management system

Customized Geo Tracking

Club staff can recognize members as they walk up to a hostess stand or trigger notifications when members enter a geofenced area. The applications for this technology are numerous, from notifying the bag room to load member bags onto carts, to targeted welcome messaging via text message when members enter the property. This feature can be uniquely customized based on the needs and desires of the club and its members.

Member Self-Service and Interaction

With just a few clicks, members can access and pay their statements, browse the member directory, and easily add buddies to their buddy list. They can also explore the menus and operating hours for all areas of the club, stay informed with news and alerts, and much more.

To streamline their interactions, members can request digital guest cards, update their profile and interests, and conveniently check their gift card balances and purchase history. For those looking to boost their fitness or refine their skills, our platform provides access to a Fitness Video Library and a collection of instructional golf and tennis videos. Customizable features such as e-signature and contactless POS checkout can also be enabled, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for both members and staff.

Customizable Look and Feel

Each club is unique, and the look and feel of the app must match the club’s elevated design. We work with our clients to determine the perfect design to complement the club experience.

Flexibility with a Member Portal

Enhance your digital amenity offering by complementing your feature-rich member app with an equally impressive and user-friendly member portal. Cobalt's Member Portal provides all the Member App functionalities mentioned above, including customization to your clubs look and feel, ensuring a seamless experience for your members. Cobalt's member portal is mobile responsive for all devices and allows for additional content like club photo albums, meeting minutes, extensive forms, and more.

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