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EASY-TO-USE UI that allows training new employees as easy as 1-2-3.

REAL TIME allowing Users the ability to make menu edits on the fly and push to all devices with the click of a button

MEMBER CENTRIC allowing your servers the ability to create memorable experiences by having all the member preferences, allergies, and favorites easily accessible with notifications so your members feel the personalized service of your club

CONFIGURE & CUSTOMIZE your outlets as business and operations change to better serve your members

SYCHRONIZED service from check in to check creation allowing members data to flow seamlessly from every point of contact

CONNECTED via the member app which allow for reservations and bill review. Members have access to all of their chits and can review along with their statements.


Empower your team with the ability to anticipate member needs effortlessly. Yes, you read that right. Cobalt’s Enterprise solution puts the power in your hands to craft unforgettable experience for your members, regardless of the serving staff. Our advanced F&B platform synchronizes data seamlessly from the moment a reservation is created, throughout the entire dining experience.

With Cobalt, your team can easily access and modify a member’s profile, preferences, and even their favorite choices with modifiers. Every time a member dines at one of your restaurants, your staff can effortlessly retrieve all the relevant member information with just a simple push of a button. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to personalized service at your fingertips.


MANAGE AND SCHEDULE floorplans as your operations change allowing your club to be proactive instead of reactive

EDITABLE floorplans allowing tables to be added and removed as needed in real time

MEMBER FOCUSED granting your team all the tools they need to anticipate who, when and where your members will be dining

PREFERENCES may be input and managed by your members or even your staff, allowing seamless transfer of information to all team members

STATUS of tables is automated based on which portion of the meal the table is on allowing for streamlined table turns

RESERVATIONS may be updated and reviewed at any time giving your team the ability to have a bird’s eye view of ALL operations and their availabilities


Your one stop shop for F&B Operations: Reservations, Check In, POS, Recipe Management, & Reporting. Our system gives your club the ability to customize your operations. Want to use a dining lottery for maxed out events, go ahead. Want to create a pop-up F&B operation on the fly without having to change all printer settings, easy-peasy. Have the entire menu changing at the end of season, go ahead and plan ahead by setting a future menu activation date. Our reservation system allows for the flow of the reservation details to move effortlessly to the POS reducing the need for person to person transfer of data, or the outdated principle of captain’s pads

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