We Asked AI to Write Poems About Country Clubs
William Shakespeare style poem about Country Clubs:    In a land of beauty and delight,  Where the sun doth shine so bright,  Lies a club of splendor and grace,  A place of leisure and joyous space.    With gardens fair and fountains cool,  Where members gather to play and rule,  This club doth offer all […]
Due to a perfect storm of factors at play, many private clubs have seen increased demand for their most popular services and amenities. Country clubs have seen an increase in memberships as city dwellers have moved to more suburban areas and joined clubs seeking a sense of community. Meanwhile, golf play has increased post-pandemic as […]
Priming your guests for an event is a valuable and often overlooked step to hosting impactful gatherings. In the book, The Art of Gathering, author Priya Parker points out that “Before your event starts, it has begun. Your gathering begins at the moment your guests first learn of it.” Through marketing, guests may learn of […]
Many club leaders can remember a time when having a website was uncommon among private clubs. Today, most clubs have websites, and many are also utilizing this website to provide a private members-only web portal. The most technologically progressive clubs will also offer mobile applications to their membership. But clubs vary widely in what members […]
We are 8 months in to the COVID-19 pandemic and we still have not seen a slowdown in cases in the United States. As scientists are still learning about the virus, even as they race towards a vaccine, the unwavering fact is this virus is highly contagious and the most effective form of preventing the […]
Throughout our history, hospitality and the union of food, shelter, and safety has evolved from a wandering traveler staying in someone’s home, to ultra-luxury lodging, pristine country clubs, and restaurants that test the boundaries of what and how food may be created. This evolution has grown alongside consumer demand to create one of the largest […]

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