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Experience the next level of racquet sports management with our cutting-edge software designed to enhance your club's operations and member experiences. Our comprehensive racquet management software caters to a wide range of racquet sports, including tennis, pickleball, and padel. From seamless court bookings to skill-based game arranging, we've got you covered. Discover how Cobalt can enhance your club's offerings and elevate your members' satisfaction.


Members can effortlessly reserve their court times with our user-friendly court booking system. Say goodbye to the hassle of phone calls or in-person visits. Our intuitive interface empowers members to browse available slots, choose your preferred time, and secure your court reservation with just a few clicks. Whether it's a singles player looking for a quick game or planning a doubles match with friends, our software ensures a smooth booking experience, giving members more time on the court and allows your staff to focus on members experience when on property.


Promoting fairness and equal opportunity, our innovative court booking lottery system revolutionizes how court times are allocated. Leave behind the era of early morning rushes and member frustrations. Our automated lottery system intelligently distributes prime court hours among members, ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to enjoy peak playing times. With Cobalt, you can kiss goodbye to the old ways of securing courts and embrace a more equitable and streamlined approach.


Empower your members to raise their game through our integrated lesson booking feature. Regardless of skill level, whether beginners seeking fundamental instruction or seasoned players aiming to refine techniques, our software connects them with certified coaches and instructors. Members can peruse available lesson slots, select an instructor aligned with their goals, and effortlessly book personalized sessions. With Cobalt's lesson booking system, your club becomes a center for skill development and growth.


Step into a world of friendly matches and enriching connections through our game arranging feature. Members seeking challenges or relaxed games will thrive in this environment. Our skill-based pairing algorithm ensures players are matched based on their expertise across various racquet sports. Strengthen community, elevate gameplay, and foster friendships with fellow members who share a common passion. With Cobalt's game arranging, every match becomes an opportunity to create lasting relationships.

At Cobalt, we believe in enhancing racquet sports experiences through seamless processes, skill advancement, and meaningful connections. Our racquet management software transforms your club into a dynamic hub of convenience and camaraderie. Discover how Cobalt can elevate your club's offerings, enrich your members' satisfaction, and propel your club to new heights. Join us today in revolutionizing your clubs racquet sport experience.

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