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Benefits of Using Fitness Club Management Software
Benefits of Using Fitness Club Management Software

7 Benefits of Using Fitness Club Management Software Built Specifically for Private Clubs

Generally speaking, fitness club management software is a tool that helps fitness clubs, gyms, and other related businesses manage their day-to-day operations and streamline their workflow. These software solutions offer a range of features, including member management, class scheduling, billing and payment processing, and employee management.

One of the main benefits of fitness club management software is that it can help reduce the time and effort required to manage a fitness club. With all of the necessary information stored in a central database, staff can quickly and easily access the information they need to perform their tasks. This can help to improve efficiency and productivity, as well as reduce the risk of errors.

There are several very popular fitness club management software systems that are utilized in privately owned fitness studios and franchise fitness clubs that are open to the public. These systems work really well for public fitness clubs in helping expand their reach to customers who could potentially join and become members or attract customers traveling through town who may frequent a fitness club that use the same system in their city. Some of these systems seem like a good option for private clubs but they do not translate as well with private club membership and I’ll explain why. 

The main reason fitness club management software that’s built for public fitness studios and clubs does not work for private clubs is that the digital member experience is not ideal for private club members. Let’s first paint the picture of what the members' digital experience is with these fitness club software providers who specialize in public fitness club management. 

Using a system that’s not built for private clubs, the fitness club software provider has an app named after the software and it features all the businesses on it who use their software. The customer and member experience is to download this public app, and find their fitness club within the app so they can book classes and services with that fitness club or studio. 

This fitness club management software provider also offers the fitness club or studio an option to white label an app personalized for the business at a pretty high monthly cost. With this option, the members of this studio or club will download an app named after their fitness club or studio in the app store and can login to this app and book fitness classes or fitness services. This works great if you are a public facing fitness club. For instance, your members are able to login to your fitness clubs app and book classes, and your club is also featured on the public fitness club management software’s app as a business for non members to book one time classes or services. You’re getting help with exposure to potential new members, while also offering a great experience for your existing members with the personalized app. It’s a win, win scenario.

However, if you’re a private club your club offers more than just fitness classes, lessons, etc. and the club is private to just your membership and their guests. Being featured on a public app that’s marketed to customers who are not members is irrelevant since only club members are able to book. There’s also no way to validate who are your club members and who aren’t from this public facing app. It will generally be considered marketing to show non members the class schedule and have a sneak peak into what fitness offering your club provides to your members. If a private club was to use one of these systems, they would have to choose the option to have a white labeled fitness club app for their members. However, that would require your membership to now have two apps. One club app in which they can access all their information about the club news, events, tee time booking, statements etc. and then a separate club app for booking fitness classes. If not opting for two apps, then the club would be requiring their members to register for the fitness classes and lessons by calling and not offering a digital amenity service to the members for fitness. 

As you can see, using a fitness club management solution not built for private clubs is just not ideal. Especially when there is a solution available that has built in functionality with an all in one member app for the most enjoyable member experience.

Here are seven great benefits of using fitness club management software that’s built specifically for private clubs:

  1. Improved Member Management: Private club fitness management software allows you to easily track and manage member information, including personal and contact details, membership status and type, rules and restrictions, and payment history. This can save time and reduce the risk of errors, allowing you to focus on providing excellent member service.
  2. Enhanced Scheduling and Class Management: With private club fitness management software, you can easily schedule and manage group classes, appointments, personal training sessions, and employee/trainer schedules. This can help you optimize the use of your facilities and employees, leading to increased efficiency and revenue.
  3. Streamlined Billing and Payment Processing: Private club fitness management software can handle all your billing and payment processing needs, class bookings, and personal training sessions as well as manage and automate commissions for employees/trainers. This can save time and reduce the risk of errors, freeing up employees to focus on other tasks.
  4. Improved Marketing and Member Engagement: Private club fitness management software includes tools for email marketing, SMS messaging, app push notifications, allowing you to easily communicate with and engage your members. This can help you promote your services and drive member engagement.
  5. Robust Reporting and Analytics: Private club fitness management software can provide in-depth reporting and analytics on key metrics such as member utilization, revenue, and utilization of facilities and staff. This can help you make data-driven decisions to optimize your club and drive growth.
  6. Mobile Access and Convenience: private club fitness management software has built in features for fitness within your clubs’ member app, allowing them to easily book and pay for classes and services, track their progress, and interact with your club on the go. This can improve member satisfaction making it convenient for members to interact with your club the same way they interact with other businesses and no need for multiple apps, or pass throughs.
  7. No Integrations Needed: A fitness club management software that is connected with your member app, website, and has built in payment processing systems, and other tools with no integrations needed can save time and reduce the risk of errors. This can help you streamline operations and focus on growing your business.

When choosing a fitness club management software for your private club, it is important to select a solution that meets the specific needs of your club. As mentioned, some software solutions are designed for public fitness clubs, while others are suitable for private clubs. It is also important to consider the level of support offered by the software provider, as well as the overall cost of the solution.

Overall, fitness club management software is a valuable investment for clubs with robust fitness facilities. By streamlining operations and improving member experience, it can help drive growth and member satisfaction at your club. Contact us to learn more about the Cobalt Club solution for fitness club management and why the Cobalt Engage member app recently received BoardRoom Magazine’s 2022 Excellence in Achievement Award for Best Mobile App.

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