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Spa Technology for a Better, Safer Guest Experience

With the Covid-19 pandemic showing no immediate signs of slowing down, many people are willing to take additional precautions and return to their daily lives. In addition to routinely wearing masks and using hand sanitizer, people are also embracing technologies that help keep the process safer and make things more convenient as well.  

Some of these technologies have existed for many years and are only now becoming commonplace due to the pandemic. One example is scanning a QR code to receive a menu on your phone. QR codes have existed since 1994but it would have been odd to see this form of menu at your favorite restaurant before 2020. Now it is commonplace, and consumers appreciate the convenience and safety of handling only their smartphone at their table rather than a shared physical menu that may or may not have been properly sanitized. 

Similarly, spas can take advantage of this time to implement new technology that can keep guests and practitioners safer now, while also improving the guest experience over the long term.  

Mobile Appointment Booking 

Online appointment booking has become relatively commonplace in the spa industry, but mobile spa appointment booking is particularly essential now, as the pandemic has conditioned more people to reach for their smartphones to complete everyday tasks such as shopping for groceriesThe best salon and spa booking applications offer online and mobile appointments, but many don’t work well for country club spas, which require complete integration with the club’s member mobile app and website as well as the club membership and accounting systems. A specialized country club spa management system will allow bookings straight from the club member application and integrate with back of house systems to provide a seamless member and operational experience.  

Intake Forms and Waivers 

Electronic spa consent forms and waivers can improve the guest experience but using shared iPads for the guest to fill out forms doesn’t help improve safety.  Now is a good time to implement a solution that not only allows electronic signature, but also sends the waiver to the client’s personal device, rather than using a communal iPad that is touched by multiple guests. This has the added benefits of improving client peace of mind, while also allowing the spa to save on hardware costs by avoiding purchasing additional front of house tablets.  

Tablets for Service Providers 

Giving service practitioners their daily schedule and client information using an application on a tablet is a more streamlined experience and eliminates the need for bulky clipboards and paper formsStoring the information electronically also improves record-keeping and organization. The client can enter their details using their own device, and the information can sync wirelessly to the tablets held by their providers, so they can see the guest’s preferences and health indications in the treatment room. 

Check-Out and Payment 

In a country club spa, there is typically not an exchange of money at the end of a spa appointment, as services are typically charged to the members’ accounts. But members will usually have to provide their signature on a chit or form to approve the charge and tip. This is another opportunity to streamline with technology. An advanced country club spa management application allows for contactless check-outs by sending charges through the member’s app to request signature and approval, rather than signing a physical chit or touching an e-signature pad or shared tablet 

Automated Follow-Up 

After the appointment, an advanced spa management system for country clubs will allow you to send quick requests for feedback, as well as schedule future appointment rebooking reminders. Spas should also be able to schedule standing appointments for members for the season. Storing members’ preferences for the future also reinforces the member’s feeling of belonging and importance, improving their experience. 

For all the difficulty the pandemic has presented to spas and the hospitality industry, there also remains the opportunity to emerge stronger than ever before. With new and robust technology and processes, country club spas can begin to attract members back to the club safely, while providing a streamlined experience that will improve client satisfaction and retention.  

To speak with someone about the new Spa Management solution designed specifically for the needs of the private club industry, please contact us 

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