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The author's perspective on member experiences encapsulates the transformative power technology holds in enhancing member engagement. They underscore the imperative for seamless, personalized interactions across digital platforms, aiming to create memorable journeys for users. Emphasizing convenience and accessibility, the author advocates for intuitive interfaces, leveraging data insights to anticipate and fulfill member needs. They advocate […]
Why don’t some club management software companies integrate with others? Occasionally, a club may need additional functionality not offered by a current technology provider. Club personnel spend time identifying and evaluating a modern and user-friendly tool to meet their needs, only to find that their current vendor won’t partner with them to connect the two […]
Table of Content Introduction Hidden Cost of Club Management Software Conclusion Introduction What is your club currently spending on your software programs? If you think you can find the answer simply by looking at your vendors’ invoices, think again. Hidden Cost of Club Management Software Hidden Costs of Your Existing Systems Your club may be […]
We hope you found value in our recap of the first club technology session presented at HFTP’s 2022 Annual Convention. The second club technology session was presented on Friday, September 16 by Bill Boothe, titled “Improve Member Services with a Little Help from Technology”. In this interactive session, Mr. Boothe brought a list of member-facing […]
At this year’s HFTP Annual Convention, we were especially excited for the technology sessions. The first was titled “Technology That Will Change the Club Industry”, presented by Jonathon Goodman, CFO at Lost Tree Club, on Thursday, September 15th, 2022. Jeremy Hoch, president of Anchor Consulting Services, also contributed. Mr. Goodman covered the past, present, and […]
The 2022 Hospitality Finance and Technology Professionals Annual Convention is right around the corner. At this event packed with valuable information across the world of hospitality, we’re looking forward to mingling, learning, and having fun with other professionals who are passionate about developing their careers in hospitality. With so many sessions to choose from, we […]
Due to a perfect storm of factors at play, many private clubs have seen increased demand for their most popular services and amenities. Country clubs have seen an increase in memberships as city dwellers have moved to more suburban areas and joined clubs seeking a sense of community. Meanwhile, golf play has increased post-pandemic as […]
In a recent article in Boardroom Magazine (Issue 301, May/June 2022, p. 40), Bill Boothe of The Boothe Group wrote that the best way for private clubs to receive better service from their software providers is to implement the "squeaky wheel" approach: strictly tracking your vendor's faults, and relentlessly complaining until those issues are addressed. […]
People today are more health-conscious than ever before. A recent report by consumer research giant Nielsen stated “Health and wellness is THE single most powerful consumer force of 2021 and beyond.” People today are more intentional about spending time and money on things that positively impact their well-being. Membership clubs are no exception. Clubs should […]
Priming your guests for an event is a valuable and often overlooked step to hosting impactful gatherings. In the book, The Art of Gathering, author Priya Parker points out that “Before your event starts, it has begun. Your gathering begins at the moment your guests first learn of it.” Through marketing, guests may learn of […]

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