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Reference Guide to the Club-Focused Programming at the HFTP 2022 Annual Convention

The 2022 Hospitality Finance and Technology Professionals Annual Convention is right around the corner.

At this event packed with valuable information across the world of hospitality, we’re looking forward to mingling, learning, and having fun with other professionals who are passionate about developing their careers in hospitality.

With so many sessions to choose from, we created this handy reference guide to all the club-focused programming. We’ll be printing this and bringing it with us to make sure we don’t miss anything!


Club Forum

Tuesday 9/13, 2:00pm-4:00pm, Meeting Room 406, 4th Floor

Gather with your peers for discussion in a small group setting around the topic of Attracting and Retaining Talent.


Strategic Asset Management for Clubs

Wednesday 9/14, 9:00am-10:15am, Salon B, 4th Floor

Jim Butler, CEO at Club Benchmarking, presents a club finance session on the strategic capital reserve study and capital strategies modelling. Learn how to put your club’s capital to work for your most important long-term plans.

The Economics of Club Industry Transformation

Wednesday 9/14 10:45am-12:00pm, Salon B, 4th Floor

Emilio Romano, James Gilson, and John Daum, CPAs and Partners at Condon O'Meara McGinty & Donnelly, LLP, will discuss the various economic shifts impacting our society and private clubs since 2020, and how clubs can adapt to this changing environment.

Properly Introduce Club Finances to Your Board

Wednesday 9/14 1:30pm – 2:30pm, Salon B, 4th Floor

Philip Newman, Partner at RSM US, and Tom Smith, Chief Business Officer at Imperial Golf Club will discuss how to effectively present club finances and guide your board members to understand club financial health, capital financing, and financial controls so they can govern effectively.

Internal Control and Fraud Risks in a Post-Covid Environment

Wednesday 9/14 3:00pm-4:00pm, Salon B, 4th Floor

Kevin Foley and Mike Asaro, Partners at Condon O'Meara McGinty & Donnelly, LLP, will discuss how relaxed internal controls post-Covid have increased the risk of fraud, and how to prevent fraud in your club.

Welcome Reception and Exhibits

Wednesday 9/14 6:30 – 9:00pm, Salon HJK, 6th Floor

Network with your peers and visit with Cobalt Software and the other sponsors during the exhibit hall reception which will feature delicious food and an open bar.


The New Normal: 2022 Washington Update for Clubs

Thursday 9/15 9:45am -10:45am, Salon B, 4th Floor

Brad Steele, JD, founder of Private Club Consultants, will present a session on the current administration’s regulatory agenda and what it means for private clubs.

Insurance Marketplace Trends for Clubs

Thursday 9/15 11:15am-12:05pm, Salon B, 4th Floor

Keith Mercier, president, Florida West Coast at CBIZ, will discuss the insurance marketplace trends General Managers and CFOs need to know to plan and effectively budget for their clubs’ insurance.

Tabletop Exhibits and Lunch

Thursday 9/15 12:00pm-2:00pm, Salon HJK, 6th Floor

Network with peers and sponsors at the luncheon and exhibit hall session.

Technology That Will Change the Club Industry

Thursday 9/15 2:00pm – 3:15pm, Salon B, 4th Floor

Jeremy Hoch, president of Anchor Consulting Services, and Jonathon Goodman, CFO Lost Tree Club, will discuss how clubs can effectively purchase and implement new technology at their club which will help reduce operating costs and modernize operations.

Tribute to Success Reception

Thursday 9/15 6:00pm – midnight, Salon CDE 4th Floor

Let’s enjoy an evening of fun in our cocktail attire, complete with an elegant dinner, open bar, and DJ. We’re looking forward to this one!


Improve Member Services with a Little Help from Technology

Friday 9/16 10:30am-11:45am, Salon B, 4th floor

Bill Boothe, principal at the Boothe Group, will inspire club leaders with ideas of how technology can complement and improve their club’s member interactions, describing examples from both within and outside the industry.

Club Open Forum

Friday 9/16 1:00pm-2:00pm, Salon B, 4th Floor

A group of industry leaders including Daniel Conti, CFO for Jupiter Island Club, Debra Manuele, Controller for Old Oaks Country Club, and Juli Barter, VP of Sales for Venza, Inc. will moderate an open discussion where participants will have a chance to share ideas, ask and answer questions in a judgement-free environment.

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