Beyond COVID-19: How to Maximize ROI from Thermal Facial Scanners

The year 2020 is coming to an end, taking with it our dreams for quickly moving past COVID-19 and into a normalized state of life. Despite our pandemic fatigue, or perhaps because of it, the coronavirus has amplified its grip on the American people as infection rates increase across the country. With this new surge, local areas consider new stay at home orders and ways to keep people safe. Businesses that can remain open must find alternative methods of operating with even more heightened security and safety measures.

Thermal Facial Scanners and hand-held temperature guns are an easy way to screen for symptoms of disease and have become prevalent to our everyday life. They can be seen in schools, hospitals, shopping malls, country clubs, resorts, and many other businesses that serve large numbers of people. A Thermal Facial Scanner on a stand provides an efficient method of taking an individuals’ temperature and can also flag those not adhering to proper protocols such as wearing a mask. These devices have enhanced the feeling of security for the individuals utilizing such facilities, allowing individuals to approach the device and keep a distance from staff rather than coming close as required with a handheld temperature gun.

However, these devices are much more expensive than handheld temperature guns. Is the cost justified? And what happens after a vaccine is eventually distributed and COVID is controlled?

Cobalt provides additional functionality to help our customers make the most of their investment in thermal facial scanners to make sure these devices don’t end up in storage post-pandemic. CobaltACCESS devices are enhanced to extract the time stamps of the facial reading so they may be used as a time clock for your staff. Most clubs have timeclocks that require a hand scan or physical touch to clock in for a shift, which can spread germs if employees’ hands are not sanitized and the devices not properly cleaned. The CobaltACCESS devices recognize employees’ faces and can be programmed to allow access by location. The multi-usability of the devices allows them to both help members feel safe and secure during these uncertain times, and provide quick and accurate readings of your employees, with or without checking temperatures, as they clock in for their shift.

Cobalt recently partnered with a large residential country club in South Florida and has seen great success in taking members and employees temperatures throughout the club. The devices allowed the club to streamline their processes and further enhance their employee management operations. The sleek look and feel of the devices also allow them to blend in with the elegant surroundings, maintaining the prestige of the club experience.

Contact us directly to learn more about CobaltACCESS Thermal Facial Scanners and the future of employee timekeeping.

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