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The Power of Beacons in the Private Club Industry

What exactly is a Beacon? 

A beacon is a device that uses Bluetooth technology to transmit a signal to an enabled deviceoften aapp on a smart phoneOnce the connection has been made between the beacon and aapp on a user's smart phone, the app will respond based on its design and programming. For example, entering the range of a beacon can prompt the users' phone with a push notification with whatever the app is designed to prompt for that beacon. 

How does this help my Club? 

Beacons may be used throughout the club for a multitude of purposesOne common use case is to communicate marketing to members of potential sales in shops or restaurants. As a member walks by the shop or restaurant, the beacon would recognize the members proximity, and prompt an app notification (developed by the managers) about potential sales, or items that are now in stock that were previously out of stock. Based upon filters in connected systems, such as membership, beacon-triggered locations can prompt the systems to recognize potential “at risk” members, and push app notifications that could prompt and incentive services with special discounts. 

As beacons continue to evolve, their uses will expand as well. One area we see as a huge opportunity is the use of beacons on the golf course. From understanding where a member is playing, potential jams or traffic on the course, and even to the anticipatory service of prompting golfers for food and beverage orders in advance; beacons will allow clubs to better serve their members. If a golfer is approaching a certain point, or hole on the course, they could be prompted the beverage cart offerings, or the restaurant’s menu for when they finish playing. Their order would be ready for pickup, or table would be prepared for their arrival with potentially their favorite beverage or appetizer already waiting for themThese options allow for expedited service, and a more personalized experience since the restaurant or beverage cart would be better prepared to serve the member based upon their selections. This will also allow for better labor control and understanding of peak business hours so that the club can be better staffed to create memorable experiences by knowing when and where members are at the club.  

As mentioned in a previous blog, Ensuring Safe Check-ins and Check-outs During COVID-19during these uncertain times due to COVID, clubs are looking for safer alternatives to the normal functions of the club such as check ins. Check ins would now be done through technology that allows for a high touch member experience with less physical contact Beacons would notify the host stand and allow for a personal greeting using the members name and allow a safe distance to be kept between the member and staff – no passing of the member card.  

How do I get started? 

Cobalt wants nothing more than your club to exceed your members needs and expectations. We understand the importance of creating personalized experiences that elevate a members life and ease of use throughout the club. At every interaction a member should be recognized and their preferences known through touchless technology. Long gone are the days of being reactive instead of proactive. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team to see a demo or gather more information about Beacons and the benefits they will provide for your club! Contact Us

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