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The Importance of Mobile Ordering for Private Clubs

Mobile ordering had been on the rise leading into 2020, but Statista had no idea what was about to hit the world when conducting their analysis in 2019. They estimated by the end of 2021, 73% of ecommerce ordering would take place from a mobile device. This growth has likely accelerated due to the state of the world these past several months. Besides the typical online shopping, we are now seeing almost every retailer and many grocery stores offering an online ordering option, either with delivery or pick-up, to avoid the risk of being in close contact with others to get our day-to-day necessities.  

Effortless Ordering

The concept of mobile ordering can be put into use in many different areas throughout your club to keep up with the instant gratification your members have become accustomed to. 

Implementing a call-ahead pick up for food and pantry items is a good startExpanding this to a digital format for mobile app ordering can provide a familiar experience to members who have gotten so used to mobile food ordering apps and mobile ecommerce ordering recently; particularly if your club membership or target membership is aged 50 or younger.   

Streamlining the Action of Ordering- Processing- Delivery

Another great area to utilize mobile ordering is for your fast-casual restaurants and poolside diningOrdering becomes safer and more convenient when members can view your menu as well as order food from the club mobile app and have a runner deliver their food from a safe distance. The member can order, pay, and sign their check all from the convenience of their phone. This streamlined experience makes the member feel empowered and pampered, even with less physical interaction with club staff. 

Mobile ordering is not limited to food and pantry items. Think creatively about how this could be expanded throughout the club. For example, having your retail shops accessible online will allow your members to shop with you using their member discount rather than purchasing a similar item from a retail vendor, even if they are unable to travel to the club. This can both increase member engagement as well as supplement revenue during periods when fewer members are onsite. 

If you’d like to learn more about implementing online ordering for your club, please contact us here.  

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