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Why AI? 3 Reasons Why Cobalt Software Launched AI Solutions for Private Clubs

There’s a joke construct online that goes like this:  

Nobody: (blank) 

Me: Giving you something that nobody asked for 

If you’re in the club industry, it may not have crossed your mind to ask for AI for your club 

And yet, you’d have to be living under a rock to have missed the conversation around artificial intelligence tools and their rapid development, including discourse around dangers of AI, with even some founders of the field arguing that we should shut it all down. While the advanced private sector and defense AI should be heavily regulated, the AI tools that are readily available for consumers in 2023 are completely safe tools for creating text, images, and video.   

Some believe AI to be a passing fad. Some, like me, believe that is a fundamentally society-shifting technological development, akin to the internet. To be clear, I don’t believe that the tool we are using (ChatGPT) to be quite this revolutionary. But the concepts of neural networks and machine learning upon which these tools are built are poised to help humanity solve problems and unlock discoveries we’ve only dreamed of, due to the increased processing power and efficiency that AI can provide. All fields of human endeavor, from climate change, space travel, quantum physics, and health care stand to be positively impacted by AI technology in the coming years.  

We believe this technology is here to stay. As the next generation provider of advanced comprehensive club management software (CCMS), Cobalt Software is proud to be the first to launch AI solutions for private clubs, for the following three reasons. 

1. You asked for a faster horse. This is a car.  

I often cite the famous Henry Ford quote: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” When it comes to club reporting, we felt people were asking for faster horses when they asked for better custom report builders. Cobalt Club AI reporting takes a revolutionary approach, allowing you to get specific data easily and on your own terms simply by asking a question. While this won’t replace all reporting, it will make it easier than ever before to find one-off answers.  

2. Faster launching of new features.  

ChatGPT has allowed Cobalt to launch new features within our mobile app without needing to code. No, the AI didn’t write the code for us. Rather, the AI provides a way for members to do things via automated chatting that they used to have to do by tapping buttons on a screen. We still need to integrate and tune the AI, but it is quicker than coding screens in the app.  

3. Bring a more personal experience to club members. 

The impersonal feel of technology has been a deterrent to implementing member-facing technologies for some clubs. A natural language interface feels more natural because members can write or speak to request a reservation, get their clubs from bag storage, order food, and more. It feels like they are talking to someone at the club, rather than just interacting with a static screen. It’s the best of both worlds for member-facing club technology. 

Do not miss our upcoming webinar where we will demonstrate our initial AI offering for the private club industry.  

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