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How Healthy Is Your Club?

People today are more health-conscious than ever before.

A recent report by consumer research giant Nielsen stated “Health and wellness is THE single most powerful consumer force of 2021 and beyond.”

People today are more intentional about spending time and money on things that positively impact their well-being. Membership clubs are no exception. Clubs should support people in enjoying their social activities without compromising on fun, food, and exercise.

So, it’s vital for you – a club owner or manager – to evaluate the health of your club, introduce incentives, and promote healthier lifestyles!

After all, healthier members are happier (and more loyal) members!

Healthy New Year Goals

The New Year is a time when many people make resolutions to lead a healthier life.

Whether that includes sticking to a nutritious plant-based diet or working on their fitness, following these new year goals can be difficult. Many people are hesitant to eat out or socialize due to a lack of quality options that support their goals.

As a club, you can change things around this new year and offer healthy options that drive your members to visit more often!

Delicious and Innovative Plant-Based Meals

The "plant-based “boom” is not slowing down, yet restaurants at many clubs are still offering a limited menu of traditional “fake meat” options, bland steamed vegetables, or just salads.

Look to restaurants such as True Food Kitchen and Eleven Madison Park for inspiration. These establishments have shown that plant-based fine dining can be palettes of colorful, nutritious, and delicious food.

In addition, blue zones – regions in the world where the world’s oldest people live – have amazingly healthy and scrumptious plant-based diets that can inspire your menu.

Delicious food that supports longevity – what more could your members ask for?

Walking Paths

A walk in the pleasant outdoors is the perfect light and fun exercise for individuals and families.

For every club, multiple walking paths are a must-have. Having paths around the club that are pre-mapped based on mileage, for instance 1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles, etc. make it easy for members to select a route based on their mood, health, and fitness goals.

No designated walking paths around your club? Get creative! When the greens are having maintenance, open the cart paths for members to use as walking paths.

Cold weather? Consider hosting fun, music-themed walks or fitness boot-camps in an empty ballroom or restaurant during off hours.

Virtual Marathon Contests

Another fun way you can promote healthy living at the club is by initiating Virtual Marathon contests like IRONMAN®.

Here, members can participate in a month-long challenge to complete running, swimming, and biking miles. To make things even more exciting, throw in a winner’s prize, such as a free massage at the spa or an athletic wear gift card for the club shop!

Consider utilizing a message board on the member website or mobile app to get a buzz going and allow people to share their progress.

Contributing To Healthier Communities

A club that cares for the health of its members is doing a great service. Supporting members’ well-being by incorporating the social elements of the club experience improves camaraderie among your membership and contributes to healthier and happier communities!

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