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Boost Member Engagement with Digital Amenities During COVID-19 and Beyond

Clubs are experiencing a state of transition, and not just because of COVID-19. Yes, clubs have seen a resurgence in golf rounds played since the beginning of COVID, and a slight uptick in new memberships, as potential new members seek out experiences away from congested metropolitan cities while still yearning for social engagement that enriches their lives. Clubs can provide a secure space for members and a place they can engage with one another, even during times of social distancing, through the utilization of digital amenitiesthe technological tools and experiences and touchpoints your club offers to your members.  

 The utilization of technology to enhance the member experience has been underway for many clubs for some time. COVID has increased the speeof adopting new and exciting technologies to creatively adapt to our new, more distanced reality. Your members have a world class experience when utilizing amenities on property, why should their off-property experience interacting with their club be any different?  

Clubs that have adapted and implemented Digital Amenities have seen an increase in member engagement during these uncertain times. Some examples are mobile reservations to online events, health and fitness apps that allow members to interact with club resources even if working out from their home gym, or requesting their car from valet virtually, removing the need for a ticket to be passed among members and staff.  

COVID has caused clubs to adapt and challenge traditional ways of operating. Even clubs that were previously wary of confusing members with new technology are embracing digital amenities post-pandemic, because COVID’s new procedures have made members are more receptive to change. In our current environment of remote Zoom calls, using QR code scanners for digital menus, and routine temperature checks, members have come to correlate technologically enhanced experiences with safety and security. Through the utilization of Digital Amenities, clubs can provide members with a safer and more streamlined experience that they have come to expect from a premium experience.  

For too long, many clubs have let their technology experiences such as their club app and member website take low priority. Now that members expectations have shifted, the need to have Digital Amenities that are on par with the overall club experience is more important than ever.  

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