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Are you tired of managing court bookings, clinic sign ups and blocking courts manually, or dealing with an inefficient system to do so and struggling to maximize court usage? Cobalt’s Court Booking Solution is here to revolutionize the way your racquet club operates. With our innovative software, designed to cater to any court sport or activity booking, you can streamline operations, enhance member experiences, and take your club to new heights.


Managing Court Availability

Easily remove time slots from the back office, whether a court is having maintenance, or you’re having a clinic or private lesson. Scheduling a clinic on a court will also automatically block the court for reservable court time, and instead allow members to register for that clinic from the court booking screen. When members book a private lesson with an instructor, the system looks at both instructor availability as well as court availability. When the member books their lesson, it will automatically block the assigned court so it cannot be booked by another member. This allows you to manage instructors’ schedules without the added step of managing courts – the system does that job for you!


Simplified Court Bookings

Gone are the days of phone calls and in-person visits to reserve a court. Our user-friendly court booking system allows members to effortlessly browse available slots on different courts through their member app or club member portal. Members can select their desired open time slot on a court, select any necessary equipment rentals like racquets, or ball machine, and secure their court reservation with just a few clicks. Whether it's a quick singles game or a doubles match with friends, our software ensures a seamless booking experience, allowing them to add members, buddies, or guests seamlessly. Members get more time on the court, and staff time is freed up to focus on providing an excellent member experience.

Clinics: Elevating Skill Development

In our commitment to fostering skill advancement and community engagement, Cobalt Court Booking Solutions offers a comprehensive clinic management feature. Members can easily view upcoming clinics, check available spots, and sign up for sessions directly through the court booking screen on their app or member portal.

If you want to advertise the clinic to members as well, you can select a box when creating the clinic and have the event populated in the Calendar of Events so members can view all the clinics in one place and click to sign up!

Whether it's a beginner's pickleball clinic or an advanced tennis strategy session, our platform ensures that members have access to a diverse range of learning opportunities. With clinic management part of our court booking solution, Cobalt empowers clubs to enhance their offerings and provide members with convenient access to skill-building experiences.

Equitable Court Booking Lottery System

Fairness and equal opportunity are at the core of our innovative court booking lottery system. Say goodbye to early morning rushes and member frustrations. Our automated system intelligently distributes prime court hours among members, ensuring everyone has a fair chance to enjoy peak playing times. With Cobalt, you can embrace a more equitable and streamlined approach to court allocation, leaving behind the frustrations of the past.


Personalized Lesson Booking

Empower your members to elevate their game with our integrated lesson booking feature. Whether they're beginners seeking fundamental instruction or seasoned players aiming to refine techniques, our software connects them with certified coaches and instructors.

Instructors can easily set their schedules and their time off in Cobalt’s Court booking back-office, displaying their availability to the members. Members can easily browse available lesson slots, select an instructor aligned with their goals, and book personalized sessions with ease. With Cobalt's lesson booking system, your club becomes a center for skill development and growth.


Seamless Game Arranging

Step into a world of friendly matches and enriching connections through our game arranging feature. Our skill-based pairing algorithm ensures players are matched based on their expertise across various racquet sports. Strengthen community, elevate gameplay, and foster friendships with fellow members who share a common passion. With Cobalt's game arranging, every match becomes an opportunity to create lasting relationships.


Flexible to Accommodate New Sports

Members’ tastes in activities and racquet sports are rapidly changing. Gain the flexibility to instantly add a new court type, or new bookable sport or activity all together, with Cobalt’s flexible booking management system. With no customization or coding required, club personnel can easily set up a new sport and add it to the member app and website for seamless booking on the fly. Stay ahead of the curve while easily adapting to changing club trends simply with a few clicks and keystrokes.

At Cobalt, we're dedicated to enhancing racquet sports experiences through seamless processes, skill advancement, and meaningful connections, while staying one step ahead. Our racquet management software transforms your club into a dynamic hub of convenience and camaraderie. Join us today in revolutionizing your club's racquet sport experience and discover how Cobalt can elevate your offerings, enrich member satisfaction, and propel your club to new heights.


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