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As Memorial Day weekend approaches, clubs everywhere are gearing up for one of the busiest times of the year. For some clubs, Memorial Day signals the kick-off of the “season” for their members, while for others, it is the last hoorah before members head north or west for the summer to escape the heat. Either way, with an influx of members and guests, managing reservations and seating efficiently becomes crucial to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone. Cobalt Software's table management system offers an innovative solution transforming how clubs handle their busiest events. Here’s how Cobalt can help your club stay organized and deliver exceptional service during special events.


Seamless Member Registration

The event begins when you start marketing it to members. Allowing members to register for events with ease is the first impression your members experience for the event. In Cobalt’s Member App/website, Members can view the event information and register directly from the calendar of events on the app or website as well as from the dining reservation booking screen. For instance, if a member happens to miss the event marketing and attempts to make a dining reservation for a location that’s blocked for a special event, it will display the event name, details, and allow the member to click and register directly from that screen. In many systems, the members would receive a notification that the restaurant is closed for an event and would need to navigate to the calendar to register. This is an added roadblock in the member's registration process, and Cobalt allows for a seamless process for the member whichever avenue they choose to book.


Eliminate Paper and Manual Processes

Gone are the days of paper floor plans and reservation lists, which are prone to human error and inefficiency. Cobalt's digital table management system allows you to visualize your floor plan and manage reservations seamlessly. This ensures that all changes are updated in real-time, reducing the risk of mistakes and improving overall accuracy.


Effortless Seating Assignments

With Cobalt, manual seating assignments are a thing of the past. The software provides a dynamic view of your floor plan, pulling in all your reservations and seating times, allowing you to assign reservations to tables with ease. Whether you add notes, remove members, or cancel reservations, any changes made are instantly synchronized with back-office functions, ensuring everyone is on the same page.


Integrated POS and Table Status Management

Cobalt creates a POS ticket from each reservation, including member details and party information. This integration allows you to manage table statuses effectively, helping you identify which tables are lagging and need attention to prepare for table turns. This streamlined process ensures quicker seating and a more efficient dining experience.


Expedite Seating with Tablets

With Cobalt, staff can utilize our table management system on a tablet to expedite the seating process. Multiple hosts can simultaneously seat parties, ensuring that no one is kept waiting unnecessarily. This is especially beneficial during peak times, such as Memorial Day weekend, when every second counts.


Real-Time Table Status Updates

Cobalt's system provides real-time updates on table statuses, so you always know which tables are available or will soon be available. This feature helps hosts manage incoming reservations more effectively and ensures that tables are turned over as quickly as possible.


Dynamic Floor Plan Adjustments

Special events often come with special requests. Whether members want to change tables or VIPs need a reserved spot, Cobalt allows you to make floor plan changes on the fly. You can block tables, add or remove them during meal periods, and reassign reservations effortlessly. This flexibility ensures that you can accommodate any request without disrupting service.


Advanced Planning and Pop-Up Dining Areas

Plan your floor plans in advance and assign them to specific dates, ensuring you're always prepared for upcoming events. Cobalt also allows you to create new dining areas for pop-up locations, such as a beach or lawn area, providing unique experiences for your members. This feature is perfect for clubs looking to offer something special during events like Memorial Day weekend.


Cobalt Software's table management system revolutionizes how clubs handle reservations and seating, making it an indispensable tool for special events. By eliminating paper processes, providing real-time updates, and offering dynamic floor plan adjustments, Cobalt ensures that your club can deliver exceptional service, even during the busiest times. Prepare for a seamless and efficient Memorial Day weekend and beyond with Cobalt, and watch as your club's operations reach new heights of excellence.

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